Saturday, June 14, 2008

You're Not in Kansas Anymore

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Dianne and Greg


  1. just discovered your blog and went back to the first few entries. you mentioned japan and italy, both countries in which i have lived. are you perhaps former military? my huband used to be in the navy and we did 2 tours in japan and one in sicily. this fall i was fortunate enough to take a tour through italy and france, and the highlight of my trip was hiking the towns of cinque terre.

    have a great week and enjoy carnaval. hope to someday be in mexico during that time.

    teresa in lake stevens, wa.

    p.s. i must admit that you're the first person i've ever heard describing kansas as a beautiful state. i've only driven through it on I-70 so really can't comment.

  2. No military brat. I lived in Japan a long time--Kyoto, Hamamatsu, Tokyo. Never in Italy, though I've traveled there on holiday many times and love it. Cinque Terre is one of our favorites. Had a good friend get married in Portovenere, and we stayed on an extra ten days or so...

    We are definitely looking forward to Carnaval. You have a home down in Mazatlán? We live here year-round, but have a condo in Waterford, WI, between Racine and Kenosha.

    Kansas is definitely beautiful--wind, sunrise and sunset over the rolling prairie and grasses. KC's Plaza is designed to look like Sevilla, Spain--marble fountains, handpainted tile work, cupolas.....

    Thanks for visiting our blog!


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