Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday/Domingo de Ramos

Thank you for following VidaMaz all this time. We have now moved over to WordPress, primarily because we want to use just one interface for work and family/personal. Please join us in the new location:

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Dianne and Greg


  1. Hi there

    I'm a Mazatleco that live in Cabos for work reasons. I find you're blog and I enjoyed every story you write in here. I like the point of view of an outsider coming to Mazatlan and start a new lifestyle like a "Mazatleco".

    I laugh a lot with you're story about The Soccer Season at ICO (by the way I study there secundaria and prepa) and the way you handle the problem with police when stop you by speeding at Olas Altas.

    Well I hope you really enjoy you're living in Mazatlan and I will be visiting you're blog for reading more of you're interesting story of the culture/lifestyle in "la perla del pacifico".

  2. Mil gracias, Jorge!!!! Esperamos conocerte "en vivo" cuando vuelvas a Mazatlán. Your English is terrific!


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