Saturday, November 27, 2010

Foro Empresarial COPARMEX Mazatlán, 26 Nov 2010 No. 2

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Dianne and Greg


  1. Dear Dianne,

    This is my first time in your blog; i have to say that I admire the fact that you are an expat woman interested in what is going on in here in a deeper way.

    I am a 27 years old girl who actually lives in Mazatlán. I have just moved from Monterrey and I am amazed of how much you and other expats love this town. It is like watching this place with different eyes! My family lives here and I had to move back because all of the crime and violence that now prevails in Monterrey... but somehow I feel that something is missing in my life in Mazatlán.

    Your blog made me realize that there's more to see, to try, to do for this place... I just hope to have the guts to DO IT just as you do.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Gabriela, welcome back to Mazatlán. We have good friends whose family have lived in Monterrey for generations. They have recently fled the city as well. It is very sad. We trust you will grow to love Mazatlán as much as we do, and that peace and justice will prevail in this gorgeous country. So glad you like the blog :)


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