Sunday, April 3, 2011

Via Crucis/Climb to Calvary (up the hill to El Faro)

Thank you for following VidaMaz all this time. We have now moved over to WordPress, primarily because we want to use just one interface for work and family/personal. Please join us in the new location:

In that new location, if you notice a post that hasn't made the transfer intact, something missing or in need of correction, please let us know! 


Dianne and Greg


  1. Thank you for this blog entry. I follow your blog and am always eager to read your perspective on life in Mazatlan. I loved reading last year about Palm Sunday and am excited that this year we'll be there for it. My husband and I are arriving on the 8th for 12 days this time. We plan to spend winters there starting in 2014. I'd love to meet you in person while we're there this year-- we're staying at the Old Mazatlan Inn and will check email. You could let me know if you have interest and time in meeting us by sending me an email at Thanks again for your thoughtful postings. Rebecca Ellenson & Steve Cherne

  2. Dear Rebecca and Steve,

    Thanks for your interest in our blog. We do love living here in Mazatlán. We would love to rendezvous with you while you are here. Please give us a shout once you arrive, and we can figure out where and when. I have emailed you privately.

    Best, Dianne


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