Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cultural Differences that my USA/Japanese Self has Experienced in Mazatlán

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Dianne and Greg


  1. Comadre querida,

    Te admiro mucho & I think your observations, feelings and analysis are right there sharp and smart. Indeed, it's such a huge dilemma to describe Mexicans. Many contradictions and many surprises. I agree with you and then I think los norteños are also different from people al sur in Mexico, like Kanto and Kansai regions. No wonder it has taken me all my life to write my book and try to give a fair idea of who the Mexican really is. And, when I think I got it, everything changes and the behavior contradicts the information gathered. But, what you wrote is so true and confuses even the Mexicans themselves, in terms of how we characterize the group. I have many annecdotes on this. When one figures out the Mexican, one piece moves and you are back at square one. Definitely quite challenging and not boring, my dear.

    Please continue putting down your observations. And finally, to me Mexican behavior was so similar to Japanese in many ways, in some context, but other times quite different. Lately, I think Mexicans change by the second and leave out unfortunately, their old behaviors that I enjoyed and admired so much. I want a new phrase after Porfirio Diaz "Poor Mexico so far away from God… I don’t think the problem is being close to the U.S. Rather, it is being so needy of any foreign acceptance, thus changing to please the outsider in many cases. But it ends up being a mess because some behaviors haven’t really changed, deep inside, so its very confusing and contradictory. I could go and on and still wouldn’t solve the mystery of Mexican behavior in this century. Their love/hatred relationship with anything foreign doesn’t cease to amaze me, especially now due to FB and twiter times. Ay Dios, donde va quedando el verdadero mexicano, y cual es?

    I do enjoy hearing your voice in writing, at least. Besotes, Carmen

  2. thanks Dianne, you have shown me 'the other side' of a few things... and helped me understand some too... it's so interesting, isn't it?

    Cathy Taylor

  3. I wrote to you earlier Di but the system erased my comment. :( I said that we need to get together and chat, think, and plan. Of course with a tequila and under the sun in the Mexican Pacific coast. Shall we plan????


  4. La reposada and me, reposadita también, are here ready and waiting for a planning session with you lindita! Ven!


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