Sunday, April 29, 2012

Expat Lifestyles in Mazatlán: Cathy and Bill

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Dianne and Greg


  1. Dianne, they sound like very nice people, and that they have built a nice life for themselves and are real positive members of the community. Thanks for the introduction.

    But... by the end of the post I felt very judged. You said that there is a spectrum of ways to live as an expat here but I don't feel that you believe that - there is a very superior tone in your post that irritated me.

    You don't need to reply - it is your blog and you can write what you like, but I wanted to tell you how I felt. You can even delete this comment if you choose, no worries.

    Nancy in Centro Histórico's “gringo gulch”

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a surprise, Nancy. I am sorry you feel judged. The whole point of the post is that there are many ways of living the expat lifestyle here. I was actually thinking to do a series on a few different friends, with their permission. I happen to think you guys lead a really cool life, too, with that beautiful home of yours you've restored, the community you've built, the way you've gotten into visual art and drama since you've been here. I know I've told you and Paul that many times. To me we all have different choices we make and different realities we live, and they're all beautiful and whole in their way. Perhaps it's the "gringo gulch" reference you take exception to? There are many terms for different communities around town, and this is one I hear quite often for the Centro Histórico during the winter months; it’s not something I came up with. It's interesting that my complimenting someone was taken as a judgment against someone else.

  4. Dianne, I don't want to explain further, at least while using your blog comments for the conversation. I do feel that your gringo gulch comment was offensive. Just because others use it doesn't mean they should... (and when folks say Gringo Gulch they are usually referring to a couple blocks just behind the Escudo, by the way)

    Your complimentary comments about Cathy and Bill were just that, very nice - and like I said, they sound like great people.

  5. Dear Nancy, I have removed the offending term, and am now aware that you find it offensive. Thanks and have a great day!

  6. Wow very interesting!!! You are such a good person to keep blogging about all the positive things that happen here. WE are very blessed to know you, Greg and Danny!!1



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