Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fortune-Telling Birds/Canarios de la Suerte

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Dianne and Greg


  1. Greetings. Thank you for sharing these reflections. I 'm very interested on this subject. I'd like to direct you to a little piece I wrote about the matter.


  2. How very excellently cool, Rubén!!!!! Un millón de gracias por compartir su ensayo! I lived in Asia for over a decade, and as I said in the article, my guess was the fortune-telling birds originated there and were imported. Now you give us background and reasoning! Thank you! Very well-written and interesting article.

    Everyone, to download a pdf of the article click here:

  3. PS, are you from Barcelona, Ruben? Or Mexican? I LOVE Barcelona, especially the parque del amor and all the Gaudí influences. I studied at Univ. de Salamanca hace muuuuuuchos años.

  4. Hi Diane. I am Mexican, but I have been living in Barcelona for the past 8 years. I'm about to go to Manchester for a presentation on this very subject. Right now I'm pursuing a Chinese origin hypothesis.

  5. That sounds wonderful, Rubén. What conference is it in Manchester? Will they issue proceedings or film or record your session? We would love to meet you via sight or sound, and learn more about this, if so. Buena suerte!


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