Monday, September 27, 2010

Lotería as Modern Social Commentary

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Dianne and Greg


  1. While the social commentary is extremely strong, your interpretation is off. The diablito in the new set refers not to the poor quality of service but to the practice of stealing electricity by installing "diablitos". La dama is a taibolera, or table dancer, not an empowering or respectful image in my opinion. El venado(from a very popular song by)is a cuckold in many parts of Latin America

  2. Thank you for your comments, MCC. The comment about the dama is tongue-in-cheek/ironic. Thus, the quotation marks, and its entry under "the decay of social values."

    And, everyday I'm learning new things, thanks to people like you. Today one of them is the meaning of diablito :)

    Enjoy the beautiful day!

  3. Hadn't read your blog in a while, and what a nice surprise to have so many interesting things to read and see. Loved the history of the cards and the birds. I also love that you seem to get the maximum pleasure out of living in this wonderful country. Saludos!

  4. Thanks, Zoe. We do absolutely love living here, that is for sure. I know you do, too. :)


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